short philosophy notes

This is my watch. There are many like it, but this one is mine. I’ve had this watch for nearly 30 years. It’s like an old friend, or perhaps more like a family member I suppose. It’s been everywhere I’ve been over those 30 years.

Many trips, throughout the country…

short philosophy notes

You can’t get any wasted time back. But you don’t always know you’re wasting your time until after it’s gone.

We all get the same 24 hours every day. Our life and time here is extraordinarily short. Why not spend it on getting good at something, or many things.

On 29 September 1999 I was in an airport, minding my own business and waiting for a flight. An unremarkable and normal day by any measure. Little did I know that I would thrust myself into a literal life-saving action, and the results of it at the end of the…


The world as it were, forever to see

As it seemed then, perhaps and to-be

A nation they said, a people of one

Never sought instead, fighting till none

Could it be known, how deep is the pit?

They just kept digging, further in the shit

Humanity and courtesy, filled…

You are on that road.

Abundant and horrible examples throughout history, and still we repeat some same grave mistakes every generation. People are going to need forgiveness for the horrible actions they supported, cheered on, and enabled. …

“A republic, if you can keep it.”

— Benjamin Franklin, attributed after the Constitutional Convention 1787

I have always liked that quote. It is profoundly simple, honest, meaningful, and accurate. It is a good message, and worth remembering. A few of my thoughts on this day in October 2021:


MiamiCoin (MIA) is the first CityCoin planned to market, and also went live recently. San Francisco will be the second city, and is in the planning stages for a launch in the near future.

MiamiCoin is a cryptocurrency powered by the Stacks Protocol (STX), which enables smart contracts on Bitcoin…

Nations do not have friends. Nations have interests. Interests change or adjust according to existing conditions. Conditions change according to their own frequency, moment to moment, perpetually over time.

If a nations’ interests align, then they may be ‘friendly’ within the context of that alignment. If their interests do not…

behavioral philosophy notes

Take time with your emotions. Don’t try to rush through the process of getting it over with. If you’ve allowed yourself to become emotionally compromised by a situation, events, or person, don’t try to hurry through to the end.

Spend the time and feelings required to fully embrace and understand…

Shawn Harris, PhD

Good Human • PhD Applied Behavioral Economics • Law • Pilot • China-Africa Policy • Marines for 31 yrs • Musician • CEO •Fmr-DoD, State, UN & many other things.

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